St. Patrick's Day ~ Week in Review

Our Leprechaun Trap Cake

He cut out hearts to make this Shamrock and sprayed it with glitter.

A leprechaun hat made by reviewing shapes

Colored Hair Gel, glitter and Leprechaun confetti makes an awesome Squishy, Sensory bag

Me Homemade Pot of Gold, made from Plaster of Paris

Lucky Charms sorting and eating

Large Shamrock with colored Glue

His CD Rainbow
We had such a fun time with green, Shamrocks and Leprechaun's this week.

Lesson Learned: St. Patrick returned to the country that treated him badly. He knew they were not worshipping the one, true God. He told them about God using the Shamrock (3 leaves on 1 stem = the Trinity)

Song: (tune of Freres Jaques) God the Father, God the Father
                                                    God the Son, God the Son
                                                  God the Holy Spirit, God the Holy Spirit
                                                    Three in One, Three in One

Lessons you could add, that I didn't get to do:
Water Table: Treasure Hunt (hide gold coins under rice, sand, etc)
Sensory Box: Green Items (clovers, beads, stickers, green rice, rainbow rice, erasers, hats)

Next Week's Theme: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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