Preschool Planes, Trains & Automobiles ~ Tuesday

We used a great Transportation Pack free from HomeschoolCreations. I laminated the puzzle and trace sheets to protect them and use them over again.
Make Your Own Popsicle Airplane
I used a glue gun, 2 large popsicle sticks and 3 plastic bingo markers (use buttons or whatever you have on hand.)

Glue 1 stick on top of the other

Glue marker or button on the nose for propeller and 2 on the bottom for landing gear.

Here's your cute little plane.
Tuesday's have turned out to busier than they used to be with Spring sports, so this is all we accomplished today. He was looking for airplanes in the sky, while we were outside, and found 3. We are going to use more of the Transportation Pack when we get to cars, boats and trains.


  1. Love the Popsicle stick plane. We have so many of those little clear disks around and this would be fun to make. :)

  2. Thanks Jolanthe. I enjoy your whole site. Very Inspiring.