Preschool Spring Theme ~ Wednesday ~ Signs of Spring

JJ found a dandelion, daffodil, tulips and the pansies (on my front porch).

Here is our walk around the neighborhood looking for trees in bloom, birds nests or any baby animals.

Here is our fun trip to the playground!

Here is Day 2 of "The Naked Egg". I gently lifted them with a spoon and changed the vinegar.
We had a Spring Scavenger Hunt today. You can download the Hunt Sheet here. It was such a nice day, I decided we were going to look for the Signs of Spring. Every year the signs are the same. The same flowers are in bloom and baby animals start walking and flying around. Children are playing at the playground and start playing sports, like baseball and soccer. Most importantly, the fish start biting (we like to fish). We looked around our neighborhood and there are signs of Spring everywhere.

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