St. Patricks Day Theme ~ Friday

This what we've been waiting for all week. Eat the Rainbow

On the back of the box is a game of eating the marshmallows. You eat them until you get to the bottom of the Rainbow.

We did some sorting and color review.

Next, we made a Shamrock and I thought it would be cool to use colored glue. You need glue and food coloring.

I poured a little glue on a plate and added 2 drops of coloring. (You can make a rainbow of colors in your glue bottles)

I mixed well and it's ready to use.

I cut our Shamrock out of wax paper, you can use contact paper if you have it on hand, he spread glue around was paper.

He sprinkled gold glitter and then placed torn tissue paper around the Shamrock.

Our Lucky Shamrock which represents the Trinity ~ God is 3 in 1, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Another attempt at making a Rainbow. My ingenious 10 yr. old said, "What about using a CD." It worked great.
I told you that I would tell you about Bob. When my oldest daughter was in 7th or 8th grade, she had to write a paper. It was probably something boring so I told her, "You have to write this paper, but you can write it about anything you want, as long as you follow the writing rules." She came up with a fantastic story about Bob the Leprechaun that lives in a shoebox, under her bed. Bob made several debuts in her stories that year and now St. Patrick's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in our home. We hide a green Leprechaun on our Christmas tree, instead of a green pickle, and whoever finds him gets a special prize.  He makes special appearances on St. Patrick's Day and this year we are going to catch him.
My 10 yr. old came up with this trap. You can barely see the motion detector to the left, a line of gold coins and a can that will fall on him when he runs into the pulley.

My oldest daughter made a Leprechaun trap cake. We didn't have pretzels, so hopefully he will just fall in to get the gold.
Sometimes, Bob can be a little naughty, so we'll see what he does tomorrow.

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