Preschool Rainbow Theme ~ Wednesday

Are there more purple or yellow skittles? Or green? That was the question. First, he sorted them. Then, he counted them. I lined them up to give him a visual of which colored line was longer. Finally, I called a color and how many he was allowed to eat. 

Make A Rainbow in a Jar ~ You need 3/4  cup of water and 3 drops of different food coloring

We also learned about mixing primary colors at the same time. We learned yellow + red = orange .

Then, we added blue and got this purplish color. You can't tell by the picture, but there were swirls of rainbow color. We held it up to the light and looked underneath, it did look like a rainbow through the bottom.  Real cool!
Sometimes, when you find something on clearance, you just want to try it. It fit perfect with our Rainbow theme.

You mix the sand and color activator, pour it into the sand molds and.....

You have glow in the dark sand molds. They really glow....for 4 hours

We colored a rainbow today. We went over the colors, again and reinforced it with crayon, rub art.
He had a great day. Most kids love science experiments and he certainly loves anything that glows. We started on an art project that should be finished tomorrow. I have so many great ideas for this Rainbow theme week, but I don't think I will get to everything this week.


Preschool Rainbow Theme ~ Tuesday

We reviewed our colors with Legos, and built a few awesome swords.

My boy loves him some Legos

We moved onto Skittles colors. They don't have all the colors of the Rainbow, but they taste good.

Skittles Math. Yummy
He is getting a lot of practice with his colors. I am hoping by the end of the week, red will not be cherry and yellow will not be sun. He started learning his colors by the popsicle I gave him. I can understand, it's all my fault by saying the flavor :)

Busy Bag Ideas - Color Sorting Cup Activity

Color Sorting Cup Activity
This Busy Bag comes with:
 2 Printables, a number match and color match. 
1 Bag of colored foam shapes
1 Bag of Pony Beads
Small plastic cups to sort in

This didn't give us the most busy time, but it's a great resource to work on the counting and colors that he is learning. 
Variations of Learning: 
Match the Colors
Count out beads
Count out a certain color (like 3 green) of beads or shapes
Using the sorting cups~ sort your whole bag of beads and find out which color you have the most.

Busy Time ~ 7 minutes

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Preschool Rainbow Theme ~ Monday

He matched Fruit Loops with the color sheet from our Busy Bag (Color Recognition and Matching) and ate a few

He counted out Fruit Loops on a number sheet from our Busy Bag, and ate a few

He put Fruit Loops on a string, in no particular order (Variation: You could work on color patterns)

Here is his finished product, they were eaten within 5 minutes. He wasn't exactly ready for lunch after he ate his school :)

We worked on the letter R, its sound and the order of Colors on the Rainbow

We reviewed the colors of the Rainbow by reading Elmo
   This week we are working on "Rainbows." Each day I am going have different activities, crafts and science experiments to learn about Rainbows. An easy way to learn the color order of a Rainbow is through a little sentence. Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain or
Red   Orange   Yellow   Green  Blue  Indigo  Violet

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Busy Bag Ideas - Playdoh with Mats

Cherry Pie Mat

Face Mat

Playdoh Fun Factory

Playdoh is fun for everyone!
   We don't play with playdoh often. It can be very messy. When we do, it is played with for a long time and it is worth the clean up. Last night, I went to Walgreens to get batteries. I knew they would have some leftover Valentines on sale, but I had no idea they would put some toys on clearance. I love a good clearance sale. They had this large playdoh set for $4. I also got a few things to put in their Easter baskets.
   He had so much fun playing playdoh, he even thought of what he wanted to be when he grows up. He wants to be a "gingerbread man giver-outer". That's right, he had so much fun making gingerbread men he wants to make a career out of it.
(I couldn't keep the big kids away from the table, but everyone needs to have a little break from school.)

                                                            Busy Time: 1 hour
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Make your own Rainbow Macaroni

What you need: 2 Tbs of alcohol, 3 drops food coloring, 1 cup elbow or penne macaroni

Pour 2 Tbs of alcohol and 3 drops of food coloring in bowl and stir

Put 1 cup macaroni in a bag and add color mixture

Mix by squishing around for 2 minutes

Pour out noodles on a papertowel covered baking sheet and let dry for 5-10 minutes. Follow these steps with different colors for a Rainbow of Macaroni.

Busy Bag Ideas - Macaroni Art

We are going to do a Rainbow Theme next week, so I thought I would make some Rainbow Macaroni to play with. Today he was just threading it on a ribbon. I also have pipe cleaners and yarn to thread on.
Variations: Say a color and have your preschooler thread it
                   Preschooler makes his own pattern
                   Makes a Great Mother's Day present
Next week, we will glue the Macaroni on Pictures or ABC's for rainbow week.

Busy Time: 10-15 minutes


Busy Bag Ideas - Animal Match

Today's Busy Bag was animal match. Here is how to make your own:
Using your own clip art software, create a document with 5 columns and 5 rows for 25 animal pictures.
Print 2 copies of your document
Cut out one of your copies and get your preschooler to match the animals

Variation: You can print out an ABC match.
                                               a color match
                                               a seasonal match
                                               a theme match ( snow related, fireman related, etc.)

                                                         Busy Time: 15 minutes 


Paper City

I found these one day and they looked like so much fun. You print out the cities, vehicles and people. Decorate them or leave them black and white. Then, pretend and use your imagination. I found it worked best to print them on cardstock, so I could fold the buildings and they would stand up.
Here is the link: 
Set up took some time. Each person, vehicle and city needs to be cut out. He has created a lot of different things; helicopters, bikes, buses, roads & landscapes, Paris and Sydney. My guy enjoys flying around the city and crashing into buildings, but he is enjoying himself. Add legos and a shoebox (mountain) for more fun.
                                                                      Busy Time: 15 minutes

Busy Bag Ideas - Caterpillar Counting

Today we played with the Busy Bag Caterpillar. To make your own, you need: 
 a sturdy piece of rope, knotted on the end
a swim noodle cut into 21, 1" pieces
googley eyes and pieces of pipe cleaners for antennae

We assembled a caterpillar face on 1 noodle piece and drew numbers 1-20 on the other pieces. My preschooler then puts the pieces on the rope. I work with him to get his numbers in the right order, then he takes them off and plays with them any way he likes. 
Busy Time: 10-15 minutes

Free Vintage Paper Dolls

Here is a link to some fun Paper Dolls: