Preschool Rainbow Theme ~ Wednesday

Are there more purple or yellow skittles? Or green? That was the question. First, he sorted them. Then, he counted them. I lined them up to give him a visual of which colored line was longer. Finally, I called a color and how many he was allowed to eat. 

Make A Rainbow in a Jar ~ You need 3/4  cup of water and 3 drops of different food coloring

We also learned about mixing primary colors at the same time. We learned yellow + red = orange .

Then, we added blue and got this purplish color. You can't tell by the picture, but there were swirls of rainbow color. We held it up to the light and looked underneath, it did look like a rainbow through the bottom.  Real cool!
Sometimes, when you find something on clearance, you just want to try it. It fit perfect with our Rainbow theme.

You mix the sand and color activator, pour it into the sand molds and.....

You have glow in the dark sand molds. They really glow....for 4 hours

We colored a rainbow today. We went over the colors, again and reinforced it with crayon, rub art.
He had a great day. Most kids love science experiments and he certainly loves anything that glows. We started on an art project that should be finished tomorrow. I have so many great ideas for this Rainbow theme week, but I don't think I will get to everything this week.

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