Busy Bag Ideas - Playdoh with Mats

Cherry Pie Mat

Face Mat

Playdoh Fun Factory

Playdoh is fun for everyone!
   We don't play with playdoh often. It can be very messy. When we do, it is played with for a long time and it is worth the clean up. Last night, I went to Walgreens to get batteries. I knew they would have some leftover Valentines on sale, but I had no idea they would put some toys on clearance. I love a good clearance sale. They had this large playdoh set for $4. I also got a few things to put in their Easter baskets.
   He had so much fun playing playdoh, he even thought of what he wanted to be when he grows up. He wants to be a "gingerbread man giver-outer". That's right, he had so much fun making gingerbread men he wants to make a career out of it.
(I couldn't keep the big kids away from the table, but everyone needs to have a little break from school.)

                                                            Busy Time: 1 hour
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