Preschool Rainbow Theme ~ Monday

He matched Fruit Loops with the color sheet from our Busy Bag (Color Recognition and Matching) and ate a few

He counted out Fruit Loops on a number sheet from our Busy Bag, and ate a few

He put Fruit Loops on a string, in no particular order (Variation: You could work on color patterns)

Here is his finished product, they were eaten within 5 minutes. He wasn't exactly ready for lunch after he ate his school :)

We worked on the letter R, its sound and the order of Colors on the Rainbow

We reviewed the colors of the Rainbow by reading Elmo
   This week we are working on "Rainbows." Each day I am going have different activities, crafts and science experiments to learn about Rainbows. An easy way to learn the color order of a Rainbow is through a little sentence. Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain or
Red   Orange   Yellow   Green  Blue  Indigo  Violet

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