Preschool Rainbow Theme ~ Friday

Today, we are making "Rainbow Spaghetti" First, you will need to boil your spaghetti.

Next, you will separate the noodles into how many colors you want to have.

Next, add the food coloring to each container (as much or little as you like).

Mix until all noodles are colored.

Finally, you have Rainbow Spaghetti. I only used food coloring so your Rainbow Spaghetti is edible.

I added it to his water table with bugs, trucks and dinosaurs. I had about 20 minutes of Busy Time.
Our next project, make Fluffy Clouds with our Rainbow. You need elmers glue, foam shaving cream and a piece of paper. (I used shaving cream I had on hand, it was blue gel, white foam would have worked better)
I mixed the glue and shaving cream in equal parts ~ 1:1.
My preschooler, plopped it on his paper to get fluffy clouds. Do not paint it on or overwork it.
He didn't add his Spaghetti Rainbow until the next day, so his clouds melted. He really has fun with the messy activities!

I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and really wanted to try it. Rainbow Week is the perfect time. I picked out a flat canvas 11x14. He picked out different shades of the colors of the Rainbow.

I needed 41 crayons and hot glued each one to the top of the canvas in Rainbow color order.

I had this heating tool from my scrapbooking days, but you could use a hairdryer. I told my preschooler to hold the heater close to the crayon and when he saw it melting, to pull it back a little. He did that all the way down the color Rainbow.     

My Preschoolers Work Of Art!

If you want a great resource for Rainbow Themed worksheets you can go here at 1+1+1=1


  1. Beautiful colors and fun ideas!

    Stopping by from Big Family Friday :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I visited your site and agree...god does have a sense of humor lol

  2. Stopping by from Counting on Me. Great ideas! My girls would love the rainbow spaghetti. Did the food coloring stay on the noodles or did it stain your son's hands, clothes, toys and/or water table?

    Thank you for joining my Toddler & Pre-schooler Activity Link Party at

  3. Surprisingly, it didn't stain at all. I used a generic grocery store brand, hopefully you will get the same results if you try it. Nice to "meet" you Shannon and thanks for having me in your link party