Preschool Winter Theme ~ Friday

Preschool Winter Theme
Another Snowflake. It was supposed to be made from cottonballs, but I misplaced them during my organization tornado. I found a torn up piece of  styrofoam and broke it into small pieces. 

I started him off in the form of a Snowflake, then he went his own direction :)

Next, we made snowflake prints. I cut the bottom of a toilet paper roll.

I fanned them out and dipped it in paint

He pressed it down and made a snowflake.

His Winter, Snowy Scene

This is the Titanic running into the iceberg, because painting is soooo much fun!

Here is his melted Snowman. Just paint and add a cute carrot nose and googly eyes or whatever you have on hand.

We ended our day by making "Clean Mud or Snow". It's clean toilet paper and water (you can add glitter to make it festive or shredded soap for bubbles). Great for making a wet snowball and throwing it at your brother, which is exactly what happened.

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