Preschool Spring Theme Week ~ Monday ~ Baby Animals

Spring has Sprung!
To Celebrate, my husband brought home some baby chicks

They are only 3 days old and my kids have already named them all. Ginger, Lightning, FireFlame, Peter Peckington, Rocky and Bob
JJ learned about the Chick Life Cycle in honor of baby animal day

He played a baby animal match game.
When he matched the baby to the mommy, he put them in the egg.

We are also making a "Naked Egg" You put an egg in a bowl, cover it with vinegar, cover with a top and put it in the fridge. Over the next few days, gently lift the egg with a spoon and change the vinegar each day.

The vinegar is supposed to dissolve the shell over a 3 day period leaving the membrane and yolk intact. You should be able to see the inside of the egg behind the shell.  I added a second egg, just in case I break one. So Cool, I hope it works.  It's hard to see, but there are a lot of bubbles...maybe it's working.

    I love the Spring. I love the baby animals, the warmer weather, the blooming flowers and more park days. Here is a great site for Spring printables and coloring sheets
    About the chicks, I asked my husband to take JJ to the store to see the new chicks and ducks, sounds fun, right. He brings home a box of chicks, not exactly what I was thinking. We aren't able to keep the chicks on our property, so we will take them to my parents in the country. We had some there a few years ago and loved the fresh eggs. Then, the dog died and the chickens were being picked off one by one by wild animals. We missed having them. My parents had talked about getting some again, so no time like the present.

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