Preschool Spring Theme ~ Flowers ~ Thursday

 What a way to learn about flowers, plant some.

He looked at the roots and I explained how the flowers get water through their roots. The flowers need sun, water and air for energy to grow.

He did a great job!

I bought a little, grass head to show him how grass grows from a seed.

He saturated the little head and filled the base with water

He put the plastic cover back over the head and we will watch the grass seed grow.                                                                (I set the grassy head on my sons journal entry about the afterlife ~ didn't want to offend anyone, but it's not a bad word, it's a place we don't want anyone to go ~ was a little shocked when I previewed this post and saw it - Oh well)

Soon, we will plant in our "Victory Garden". We have a very little yard, but this 4x8 garden produced a ton of tomatoes for us last year. He is our Future Farmer of America. When we can be sure there isn't another frost, JJ will help sow the seeds and reap the harvest.
He didn't make any tissue, construction or paint any flowers, but a great resource for crafts is Enchanted Learning. He did play a fun puzzle game on ABCmouse that taught him the parts of the flower, leaves and soil. We will make a flower arrangement for Mother's Day.

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