Preschool Winter Theme ~ Monday

Preschool Winter Theme
Well, we had a snow day today, but it was over too fast. It was too warm to accumulate and melted too fast to have any fun, but a snow day was called anyway. One activity I had planned was to  "Catch a Snowflake".
How do you catch a snowflake, you may ask?

You need:
A frozen sheet of black paper (just put the black paper in freezer for about 30 minutes)
Falling Snow
Magnifying Glass

If you catch a snowflake on a frozen piece of paper, it shouldn't melt immediately. You should a have a chance of seeing the pattern of the snowflake with your magnifying glass. I didn't have my paper in the freezer, so I put it in and after 30 minutes, it stopped snowing. :-(
Anyway, the rest of the day my children played and I got some closet organization finished.
My frozen piece of black paper that never had the chance to "Catch a Snowflake"

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