Planes, Trains & Automobiles Preschool Theme ~ Monday

A Box can be anything you want it to be. Today it's a....


We also did some cutting and pasting from Plane and Pilot magazine

He picked some beauties for his collage

We also made a glider. You need: 3-5 straws, tape and newspaper

Tape your straws in a triangle

Wrap your triangle with newspaper

Tape it on and add a little handle made from a little tape ball.

Go outside and see how far it goes

I have never been good at making paper airplanes, but here we go. Fold a square piece of paper in half and fold corners to form a triangle.

Fold the triangles a second time.

Fold the bottom flaps back, even with the sides and fold back airplane so you have a handle on the bottom to throw from.

Here is our jet plane

Now, let's see how far this plane can fly.

The wind was blowing, so JJ had to see if he could take off. 
We started off the day talking about things that can fly. Birds, planes, bugs and bees.

He was set on airplanes today. I asked him how an airplane can fly. He knew it was the wind. I explained the wind goes over the wings to give "lift" and the engine moves it forward.

Lesson: If you lay a piece of paper on a table and get your preschooler to blow the paper, that's an example of lift.

 You can read about the history of flight. We took him to the Wright Brother Museum last summer so he remembered a little about it.

His dad is a private pilot and he loves to fly with his daddy. His favorite part is chewing gum to relieve ear pressure. He doesn't get gum, so it's a treat.

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