Preschoolers Go Green

We started off the week learning about the planets so I could explain to JJ where he lives and that we have to do our part to keep the Earth healthy. Here are some things Preschoolers can do to help Save the Planet

  • JJ puts our cereal boxes and milk jugs in the recycling bin
  • He turns off the water when he brushes his teeth
  • He turns off the lights when he leaves the room. He was so happy when he could reach the light switch, it was a sign he was getting bigger.
  • He has helped pick up trash during our neighborhood clean up day, he loves to use the grabber
  • He helps put our plastic bags in the little bathroom trashcan
We use paper bags to make crafts and we are going to go through our recycle bin to make a neat craft tomorrow.
                   What things does your preschoolers do to Go Green?

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