Preschool Solar System ~ Wednesday

He started by making the Galaxy. Dilute some white paint with water. Either place it in a water bottle and spray your black construction paper or just flick the diluted paint around the page with your paint brush, which is what we did.

Next, paint  each planet. I found a picture image online and patterned each planet after that.

More Planet Painting

Here is his Solar System. I included Pluto, but explained it's a dwarf planet.
It didn't take him very long at all. I had little plates with the colors he needed for each planet and as soon as he was done with one, I was ready with the colors for the next. We painted Mercury brown, Venus yellow, Earth blue and green, Mars red, Jupiter yellow brown and red stripes, Saturn yellow (I forgot to add the rings before the picture, just used pipe cleaners), Uranus teal, Neptune blue and Pluto orange.
 He got smart by the 4th planet and was just rolling his styrofoam ball in the paint and just touching up when he was done rolling...ingenious preschooler. He is going to be an efficient, problem solver :)

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