Preschooler Busy Bag Ideas ~ Animal Match

Animal Match. Here is a copy of the Animal Match. Print 2 copies, cut one of them apart and your preschooler starts matching them.

Animal Shadow Match. You can use any themed foam stickers that you may already have. I purchased mine at a local craft store. They also have sea animals, zoo animals, dinosaurs, etc. Just trace around your stickers and color them in. Here is the pattern sheet for mine, if you happen to find the same cats and dogs.
Animal Match~
*You can have them match on their own
*You can call out a specific animal
*You can give a hint to an animal and have them guess the animal and then match

Animal Shadow Match~
*Match on their own
*Match the color
*Match all the dogs and then all the cats

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  1. This is such a good idea. My daughter is three and would really enjoy this. She loves animals!