Preschooler Busy Bag Ideas ~ Colors

A fun, Fishing way to learn your colors. Here is the pattern to cut out the felt fish  (you will need to cut out 2 of each color and glue together), 12" dowel rod, 4 washers to sew in mouth, eye hook for end of rod, small 8" rope tied in eye hook and a circle magnet hot glued to the end of rope.

Laundry anyone? Here is the pattern to cut out the felt clothes (adapted from MoneySavingMom) for the Clothesline Busy Bag. You need to cut out the clothes, a 3-5 foot string and clothespins

Summer is Coming. Popsicle Color Match anyone? Here is the pattern for the popsicles. (you will need to cut out 2 of each color and glue the outside edges together, leaving a space to insert the popsicle stick), and 6 popsicle sticks with the color names and colored ends to match with the felt pieces.
Here are some color matching Busy Bags Ideas to get you started.

Fishing Busy Bag~
*You say a color and your preschooler fishes for it.
*You can cut out more fish and have them create color patterns.

Clothesline Busy Bag~
*Tie the clothesline up outside or between two chairs and have your preschooler practice hanging up the clothes. 
*You say a color and have your preschooler hang up that color
*  Your preschooler can actually wash the clothes and hang them up to dry. Mine loves to play in soapy water. A water table would nice alternative

Popsicle Color Match~
*Call out the colors and have your preschooler pick up the popsicle
*Introduce the written color word and the colored end of the popsicle stick
*Match the stick to the popsicle felt piece by colored end then by color word

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