Preschooler Busy Bag Ideas ~ Shapes

Sally/Simon Square. 1 lg. square, 2 lg. rectangles, 2 sm. rectangles, 2 sm. squares, 1 sm. triangle, 1 med. triangle and 1 pair of googly eyes.

Sorting/Shape Activity. Find Pattern here and here. You can also use items to sort shapes and numbers. You will also need some pony beads and foam shapes

Tangram Pattern here.

Double Trouble Shape Match. Cut your paper in half, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 and divide into 8 boxes. Across the top stick 2 shapes and colors. Preschooler will match below.

More shapes and colors.

Sally/Simon Square~
*Build a person with the shapes
*Get them to start with a square
*Get them to start with a triangle

Shape and Color Sorting~
*Match colors
*Match shapes
*Make patterns

*Cut out pattern
*Make a bunny
*Make a penguin

Double Trouble Shape Match~
*Match Shapes
*Match Colors

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