Preschool Solar System ~ Monday

He is working on a solar system out of styrofoam

He is looking at a lot of cool pictures of our solar system and galaxy
My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Peas

  This is the sentence I learned when I was little to remember the order of the planets.

M ~ Mercury
V ~ Venus
E ~ Earth
M ~ Mars
J ~ Jupiter
S ~ Saturn
U ~ Uranus
N ~ Neptune
P ~ Pluto

I realize Pluto was demoted in 2006 to a "dwarf planet", but I decided to still teach him the sentence and explain it later.

I taught a little about each planet:

Mercury ~ very small and close to the Sun. It  is both very hot and very cold
Venus ~ very HOT. It has active volcanoes and quakes and lots of craters to prove it
Earth ~ perfect distance from the sun to have living creatures and humans. Also, it's the only planet  to have water
Mars ~ the Red planet. It's very similar to the earth, but it doesn't have an atmosphere to hold any water
Jupiter ~ the largest planet. It has a big red spot. It is known as the Gas Giant
Saturn ~ it is also known as a Gas Giant. It has hundreds of dust rings that go around the planet
Uranus ~ also a gas giant. It's methane gas makes it look like it's a bluish-green color
Neptune ~ farthest gas planet. Also looks blue to us because of the methane gas
Pluto ~ because it was smaller than most moons around the planets, they demoted it to a dwarf planet

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