Top 10 Activities To Keep Preschooler's Hands Busy

Living in a house with seven people, there is always something to clean, put away or fix. I try and have my preschooler occupied before I start. Sometimes the activity lasts for 3 minutes but sometimes, if I'm lucky, it lasts for 20 minutes.  Here are 10, tried and true, activities to help keep your preschooler occupied in no particular order.
  • Computer time ~ I don't think it's ever to early to learn how to use a mouse. We have used several different games and websites. Reader Rabbit, Jump Start & Busy Town are a few CD's and websites, we enjoy, Nick Jr., Starfall and even Club Penguin (so they can keep up with big brother or sister) have helped with the little ones computer skills.
  • Building Blocks/Legos ~ They love to build tall towers and knock them down at this age. Mine loves to try and make little cars and airplanes like his brothers.
  • Matchbox Cars with a Homemade Ramp/Trucks ~ We just purchased a few "new to us" cars from a yardsale and the first thing he looks for is a piece of wood to run the cars down. He ended up finding a screen and propped it up on the front of a chair, Ta-Da, 20 minutes of fun.
  • Water ~ We will play in sprinklers outside, fill up the bathtub or sink (supervision required) for plastic fish and boats and anything else that will float or sink. We will put in a few plastic cups or bowls and just pour from one item to the other.
  • Scissors and paper/Coloring Pages ~ Scissors (supervision required) bring at least 20 minutes of fun and is a great activity for their fine motor skills. Find an old magazine and a pair of kid friendly scissors and start cutting. They start with pressing the scissors down and tearing the paper, but eventually they get the scissor motion. You also see the progression in coloring. Starts with 1 or 2 colors of scribbling and works into a few more colors trying to stay in the line.
  • Playdoh ~ Get out your cookie cutters & Playdoh and get started. They can make a ball, put the balls together to make a snowman, make a snake, cut with plastic knives. Endless options.
  • Stuffed Animals/Baby Doll ~ My girls, especially, like using their imagination with little stuffed animals but they always draw their brothers into their make-believe world. My daughter becomes director, "OK, now your dog says, I would love to go to the park with you and my dog will say, Great! Let's go." It is probably the best activity my daughter has created for herself. She would spend hours in her room.
  • Outdoor Time/Ride Bike/Swings ~ When I was little, I would leave early in the morning and be back home for dinner. My how times have changed. I have a very hard time getting my children outside, but once they get out there, they have so much fun. We go to the park, ride the bike, ride a scooter and they are trying to dig a whole to China on the side of the house.
  • Games (Hiding go Seek, board games, puzzles)Apples to Apples has been a surprising game that my preschooler enjoys. I read his cards but he puts the one that makes the most sense to him for the category. There are so many different puzzles my son loves. Peg puzzles, wooden puzzles & magnetic puzzles. He loves active games like Hide n Go Seek, Ball, Freeze Tag,
  • Card Board Box ~ Best "free" activity out there. What is it about a cardboard box? It can be whatever they want. A castle, rocket, store front, TV and their imagination goes on.
     There is the Top 10 list of activities. I am fortunate to have children of different ages to help play with each other and look out for one another, while I try and keep my castle fit for a king.

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