Preschooler's in Church

  What a wonderful worship time we had in church today. We are teaching our children the things of God are holy. All of the instruments are used to worship God. Our voices are used to worship God. We aren't allowed to run in church or disturb people around us. Church is a special place. We usually all worship together and then the children are dismissed, but not this morning. Was I ready? Not exactly. It was a very special service because my husband was preaching. He has never done that before. He didn't even let me in on his surprise.
  I have always believed that while you keep little hands busy in church, they still have the opportunity to open up their little spirit and receive from God, while not disturbing others around them. So, what did I have to keep his little hands busy? Where do we turn, ladies, when we need to keep our little ones busy? Yes, my purse. I usually have something to write on and write with, so that will occupy him for a few minutes. Then, he will want me to make a paper airplane out of the bulletin. He can fly it, if he will just sit on the floor. I usually have a mint or something chew on. I wasn't as prepared as I would've hoped to be. This just usually doesn't happen without some notice but I love spending time with my children. So, besides the turning around trying to get his cousins attention, laying upside down in the seat or accidently kicking the lady next to us. He did  a pretty good job.
  My husband did an awesome job, also. He spoke on the ark of the covenant. When the Israelites had the ark, they were winning battles. The Philestines had the idea that if they had the ark, they would also win battles, but all they got were hemroids. To sum it all up, You Can't Put God In A Box. He is not limited and will not work in your situation the same way He works in another's situation. All children are different, also. Just when you think you have parenting figured out, your kids will throw you a loop. Enjoy Them and Love Them!

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