New Beginnings

I look at this school year as a fresh start. Last year was the year I would like to forget, but I won’t. I learned many ways to teach my crew and many ways not to teach my crew. I learned I need to block out time for each subject, activity and chore. I learned schedule’s are a little hard for me because I am not a type A personality, but a B type. I learned I can develop routines and set times and stick them a little easier. School starts at 8:30, Snack is at 10:30, Lunch is at 12. I can work with routine. Now if I can pass that on to my children. Well, this is a brand new year. We have a new curriculum. I have an attack list of preschool activities. I will not try and entertain my preschooler in another room while my older children are not doing what I told them to do around the table. I will not sit around the table helping the older kids with their assignments while my preschooler is flooding my bathroom. Yes, this year will be different and I will tell you guys about it along the way.

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