Blueberries...Ripe for the Pickin

Today was the day for our first Blueberry picking. I had my little preschooler in hand to help. He had on his little sunglasses and his bucket in hand ready to pick some incredible blueberries. (Pic was lost off the phone...but he was so cute and raring to go) You really can teach your children in everyday situations and this was my chance to teach. You pick the Blue, blueberries not the green ones (lesson in colors). Jack you picked so many, how many do you have in your hand? (lesson in Math). There is a lot over there, to your right (lesson in directions). I love spending time with my children, especially one on one. When I took my daughters 11 and 15, I got a little more complaining from them. The older they get, they no longer see adventures but chores. I then notice a dark cloud overhead and started thinking, if it rained, that would turn a chore back into an awesome memory. Then, the cloud opened up while we are in the middle of the blueberry bushes and the big, bright smiles grew on my daughters faces. We did run for cover at the sound of thunder, but that was the blueberry picking trip they remembered. Go Make A Memory With Your Children!
Stay tuned for Cooking with your Preschooler and find out what we make with these blueberries.

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