Popsicle Sticks

My children may not have created images like this with popsicle sticks, but give them enough time and they will come up with some real ingenious ideas. Last night Timmy (9) called me while I was on my way to the store and asked if we still had popsicle sticks and a glue gun. I led him to 3 places they should've been, if we had any, but they weren't there. So, I bought him some. He was going to build a boat that would float. He cut a plastic bottle in half, from the re-use/recycle bin, put some pennies in the bottom for the ballast and started hot gluing popsicle sticks together to finish his boat. He found skewers for his mast and grey tape for extra support and then one final test to see if it floated and It Did! He was so proud of his creation. Then everyone wanted to build something.

Preschooler Variation:

  • I bought some wooden skill sticks that have little notches in them and fit together for the preschooler. They are like flat lincoln logs. If all you had was regular popsicle sticks I would opt for taping them together instead of the hot glue gun. 
  • They can make letters: A, E, F, H, I, K, L, M, N, T, V, W, X, Y & Z.
  • Glue the popsicle sticks side-by-side and let them paint pictures on them. You can have a homemade trivet from your preschooler
Start saving your popsicle sticks and get building!

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