Blocking Your Time To Get The Most Out Of Your Day! Pt. 2

    I thought I would let you in on my day. I am always tweeking my day because life happens, but if I have a goal, I have hope. I actually have 3 different block times. One for me, one for homeschooled children and one for my preschooler. We all have different responsibilities and different amounts of free-time. I am going to concentrate on my preschooler but you will see that all of our lives, obviously, intermingle.
Jack's Block Time
7:30-8:30     ~ Wakes up, Eats, Brushes Teeth
8:30-8:45     ~  Family Devotions
8:45-9:15     ~ **Watches PBS or LeapFrog while I get others started on school
9:15-10:30   ~ Activity Bags and Lesson (We are using Sing, Spell, Read & Write)
                      (Check out Busy Bag Ideas and What Jack Did Today)
10:30-11:30 ~  ***Breaks with Brothers and Sisters ~ Snack, Play and Read
11:30-12:00 ~ P.E.
12:00-1:00   ~ Lunch
1:00-2:00     ~ Quiet Time (He doesn't take naps anymore, but you could insert a nap right about here) He has quiet time activities, a library bag of books, any quiet activity.
2:00-3:00     ~ Outside Time or Rainy Day Time (It is my experience, the more run around time I give my preschooler, the happier he is. On rainy days we will play wii, jump on an exercise trampoline or build a fort.)
3:00-3:30     ~ Snack
3:30-5:30     ~ Chore Time/Errand Running Time or watches a library movie
5:30-7:00     ~ He helps pick-up before Dad comes home and we eat Dinner
7:00-8:00     ~ Bath Time and Brushes Teeth
8:00-9:00     ~ Winds Down, Read Bedtime Story and *Go To Bed

  * He may have a later bedtime than most preschoolers, but he shares a room with an older brother and this seems to work out best for our family. 
  ** Most days, I like to keep his TV time no more than 2 hours in a day, but if I am working on a project (changing seasonal clothes or deep cleaning) I will prop him in front of a good, long movie. 
  *** I have other children at home and ask them to help keep him occupied while I help others with Math, Reading, Spelling, whatever it is for the day. 

   Well, this is my day. Like I said, it's a routine I like to stick to, but I am living this life with bumps and curves and try to be ready for anything.

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