Busy Bags! Activities for Preschoolers

My Preschooler Busy Bags arrived this summer and we have been using them for a month. There are always some activities they will enjoy more than others. He really loves the playdoh mats, what preschooler wouldn't. He enjoys the noodle caterpillar, popsicle colors, the fishing game and the sensory bottles. We haven't even played with everything because he wants to play with the ones he likes. There were a few things we received in our package that he hasn't learned about yet but we are ready when he is. It really got my creative juices flowing. Now I look at what he is learning and wonder, what can I make that will make it more fun and bring it home. I love them and can't wait to be in another swap or host one of my own, locally. I will take some pictures and explain them one by one, as we use them, so you can make them for your preschooler.

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