Parent Corner ~ Time for Me

One thing a look forward to is Mom's-Night-Out and Hubby Date Nights. I need that time to be refreshed and renewed. I cater to every need of my children, home and family, with joy on my face, most days. Then, there are those days that I want to run out of my house screaming. Yesterday, Jack had colored himself purple, one of those stray markers left unattended, and whichever child was responsible for leaving it out, got the job of cleaning him up. My preschooler is wide open and hands on. He has poked holes in a wall with a screwdriver, knocked a hole in a door to a room that he was locked out of, drew on quite a few walls in my house and up the stairs. I love him and I like to think that I am quite aware of where he is and what he is doing, but I am still only one person. So, I look forward to those quiet moments I can steal away. Those nights out with my husband or friends. My quiet time with the Lord in the morning, to get a fresh perspective on the day. Just a few moments when a babysitter or grandma is watching my little ones and someone at a restaurant is serving me. Budget some money and time for yourself. Take the time to put yourself first at some point in the day, it isn't selfish and you are worth it.

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