Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

Do you notice something missing in this picture...Yes, it's my preschooler. He is very afraid of big mice and other costume wearing people. We went to Disney this past Feb. and we knew he would want to have his picture taken with his hero, Buzz Lightyear. No, he didn't. We walked to the line to have his picture taken and there was going to be no pictures with Buzz or Mickey or Peter Pan. No to Santa Claus. No to the Easter Bunny. This is as close as we could get him.
 Tears are shed and he will hide under tables until the character is gone. We have tried to bribe him and reward him but nothing. It's OK though, he will grow out of it. He just knows that bunnies and mice are not supposed to be that big.
  It may help your preschooler to continue to have them around the characters and clowns. They will eventually understand that they aren't going to hurt them but are just trying to add to the fun.

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