Vacation In The Outer Banks

I love a vacation. We came back well rested and had a great time. My husbands philosophy about vacationing is, Do what you can't do at home, so we spent a lot of time on the beach. We went to 2 of the 3 lighthouses and just drove by the Bodie Island lighthouse that is being renovated. Then, we took a Ferry ride to Ocracoke Island to hear the Legend of Blackbeard (my children are suckers for hearing a good, mysterious tale). Finally, we went fishing and ate some great seafood and treats.

Vacation Tips for Preschoolers: Have a bag of entertainment
                                                 A working dvd player with good movies
                                                 A video game system with fun games
                                                 A cookie sheet with magnetic letters, paper dolls or car cut-outs
                                                 Busy Bag
                                                 Crayons and Coloring pages
(Cookie Sheet Template coming soon)

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