10 Reasons I'm Excited About Next School Year

I am joining IHomeschool's Network 10 in 10 (a 10 week series). This week's 10 in 10 is, 10 reasons I'm excited about next school year.

  1. School Supplies ~ I love school and office supplies, especially when they are on sale.
  2. Organizing the School Room ~ We don't actually have a room, which makes organizing key to a successful year. The children need to know what they are responsible for each day and a place to put supplies when they've finished.
  3. A New Curriculum ~ Last year we used a computer based curriculum and I am so excited to switch to a Unit Study this year.
  4. Field Trips ~ We are studying American History, so we are planning some great field trips. We are in a fabulous, historical area.
  5. Homeschooling Only ~ Last year I burned up the road and our wallet going to co-op and classes. Not this year.
  6. I'm Teaching ~ In the past, We have picked curriculums where the children are self-taught. This year, I can keep them on track by teaching them each day.
  7. Electives ~ I have planned more time for Art, Projects and Science Experiments, the Fun Stuff.
  8. 4 Day Week ~ I can adjust my schedule, this year, to a four day school week instead of five.
  9. Read Alouds ~ I didn't make reading to my children a priority last year, because they fell behind in their school work. I love the bond that reading brings between my children and I. 
  10. April, 2013 ~ We will be finished in April, instead of June! Hurray!
This is my Top 10 list for this week. Join me each Tuesday for my new Top 10.

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