He is FAST!

That moment when you don't know whether to laugh or fuss. Let me back up. My JJ loves to roast marshmallows. We were making smores and let's just say there are more marshmallows being set on fire than eaten. Then, I see this duck swimming toward us and he looks like he's injured. It looks like he may have a fungus on him or maybe he was attacked by a territorial goose. As he swims closer, I start thinking of ways that I can help him. When all of a sudden, I realize he isn't hurt at all but the victim of an air assault by my 5 yr. old. Yep, he was hit by a roasted marshmallow. We decided not to fuss, but laugh as we watched the duck pick the marshmallow out of his wing. ; ) He is fine and JJ says he'll be more careful.

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