10 Chores Your Preschooler Can Help With

I need all the help I can get, so I start giving my little ones things to help with pretty early. They love to feel like they are big and helping. I may have to redo what they did, but it's a training process. Some jobs I like to give them are:
  1. Spraying the windows *
  2. Emptying the little trashcans
  3. Putting silverware away
  4. Holding the dust pan while I sweep
  5. Vacuuming (we have a shorter, light-weight vac)
  6. Hand Vac on the stairs
  7. Dusting with duster or spray *
  8. Picking up shoes or toys and putting them away
  9. Scrubbing toilet with toilet wand
  10. Folding Laundry (washcloths, dish towels or his own clothes)
     My little guy is 5 now, but I started getting him to help when he was 2 or 3. He wanted to help. I started him on gathering shoes.
     It's a funny story. My older children were never putting their shoes where they were supposed to go, so one day we were about to leave and my older son is looking for his shoes. JJ (about 2 at the time) walked to the table, picked up his brothers shoes and brought them to him. We were amazed! He paid attention to their shoes. He knew which shoes everyone wore and knew where they took them off. He had a shoe gift and I knew just the job to give him. :)

*Please remember to supervise your little ones, especially with spraying jobs.

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