Preschool Word Week ~ Phonetics or Memorization

There are 2 ways to learn to read; phonetics and memorization. This set is called the alphabet zoo and it works with memorization. This is the first book, I See Sam. It has 3 flash cards for the first book. I went over them and switched them around until JJ knew them and then read the book. He read his first book.

This is a self correcting Learning Palette. There are 12 colored circles and 12 cards. The matching items are on one side and the answers are on the other side. It will show in the middle of the card to match the little f with the red circle. You pick up the red circle and find the little f around the outside and place the red circle in the right place. When all 12 have been matched, you flip the card over and see if your colored circles match the correct colored circle. I hope I did a good job at explaining it.
Another great resource is they have a list a preschool and kindergarten sight word, flash cards. Very colorful and you know you covered all the sight words they need for their Word Wall.

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