Preschool Word Week ~ My Name


Great Way To Spell His Name

He did a great job

We worked on vowel sounds

Another Tactile method to write
    What is the first word most children learn to recognize, spell and know...Yep, their name. Since we got to the ABC worksheets, today we worked on his name. I read on Education.com one of the best ways for a child to really get and remember letters is through tactual and kinesthetic activites. Children at this age learn by touching, feeling, moving and experiencing and it is left out of most schools and curriculums.
     I like to excite my preschoolers senses. So, he rolled playdoh like a snake and made his name and I poured salt on a baking sheet and let him write his name and just draw around on it. You can use fingerpaint or shaving cream, all are fun and hands-on.
     You are getting your preschooler ready to write using these activities. Other ways to strengthen these fine motor skills are:
  • Pick up small objects with tweezers or tongs
  • Practice turning a combination lock
  • Tear small and large pieces of paper
  • Practice closing a Ziploc bag
  Other great activities are dot-to-dot and maze books. They are fun and building fine motor muscles.  

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